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Q&a – Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Mark asks…

Found Rolex Watch?

I found a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air King a number of years ago. I made sure the place I found it knew there was a Rolex watch found and no one ever claimed it. I have confirmed it is real from a jeweler nearby and I was wondering if I could get it spiffed up a little bit at a rolex dealer without it being taken away. I know they all have registration numbers and to be quite honest I want to keep it, but what if someday I need to get it repaired? How would I get around the registration number in this case?

Dave answers:

Where in the world did you find it?? My mom lost hers somewhere in Houston/Spring area years ago. She still hasn’t gotten over it. I’m surprised that no one claimed it if they knew someone reported it. That’s thousands of dollars and most people can’t afford a Rolex.

Jenny asks…

About Rolex watch how can i know of what material it is made?

Somebody has gifted me Rolex watch. I want to know that how can i find that is it made of Steel or white gold? In its back it is written 18k and a number 8385 is engraved in the bracelet.In its dial it is written Rolex oyster perpetual day-date.There are 10 pyramid type diamonds in the dial and 42 white stones or diamond i dont know what they are in the outer side of the dial. So can u pls tell me the exact model and price of the watch. Thanks

Dave answers:

Do yourself a favor and take the watch into your local Rolex Authorized Dealer. You can locate one through the official Rolex website.

Donald asks…

How to tell if my Rolex watch is real and what it is worth?

Ok inside face of watch it says Rolex oyster perpetual date just. That wording is centered above watch clock hands in rather small text.Under clock hands it says superlative chronometer Officially certified. There is a crown looking thing at 12 o’clock. The dial inside looks to be raised somewhat. Under six o’clock mark it says Swiss made. That is in very small writing. it looks like to both sides of the word Swiss made there looks to be a cross looking mark. On the clip part of wrist band it has stamped Rolex with what looks to be a crown surrounding the word Rolex. This is stamped rather large. On the left clip it has a small crown p11 to right of it then below it has steelinox then under that 62523H18. Watch is rather heavy but not light at all. The back of face of watch it has lit that is kinds rough on edge.The dial inside is purple.Where the wrist bands connect to face of watch there is a slightly raised plate with the 045 stamped in top left and bottom right. Watch looks to be very little in the way of worn out. No metal looks t be rubbing off. I think its a mens Rolex. When band is closed anther small crown appears . I know it aint much on detail. The band has no gold on it. Well no yellow gold n e ways. It all look like steel.
The sec hand seems to sweep or continuesly move. Also I looked on line on hot web site. and it seems to pass all the little test they have listed. It tells you how to take back off to get to serial number but i afraid ill mess it up.
Also the back of face of watch is steel looking. no clear back. no holograph. But I read that some model of Rolex dont have them.

Dave answers:

Does the second hand sweep or click to each second? The real ones sweep.

Nancy asks…

Is the bezel on a rolex watch important?

The bezel fell off on my rolex Oyster Perpetual. It clicked back into place easily, but is now very loose, and doesn’t hold position properly.

So, i guess I have a few questions:

1) Aside from the way it looks, is the bezel important to how the watch functions (i.e., does it affect the watch being waterproof?)?

2) Any tips for putting it back on?

3) If I don’t care about the bezel turning, can I just glue it back on?

Also, if you have any suggestions about which categories might be best for posting this question, I’d appreciate it!

Thank you!

Dave answers:

No it does not affect the watches functions it is a durable watch if you want to get it to fit a bit better go to a jeweler.
Good luck

Sharon asks…

Rolex Couer perpetual date?

Hi, saw a Rolex Sea dweller 4000 at a store with couer perpetual date not oyster. what does it mean?
i took a further look at it and i has the new serial number on the inside edge of the case at the 6 o’clock position, under the crystal and below the bezel. It was M383#$, cant remember and it had 16620 on the back of the metal strap. Looks real and stuff with the rolex price. any ideas?

Dave answers:

I believe that Oyster is the color of the face of the watch. If it was a shade other than white that would probably be what it meant. Perpetual date means that it’s got the date on the watch.

Charles asks…

How much can I expect to pay to fix my Rolex?

I’m not the original owner, so I’m not eligible for Rolex‘s free lifetime repair. It is an oyster perpetual date, but it’s not keeping time very well lately. Sometimes I wake up and it has fallen anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours behind the actual time.

Dave answers:

My Omega Seamaster had started to let moisture in through the winding stem.
The jeweller quoted $400 to $600 to fix it so I bought a $100 watch and put the Omega in the drawer!

Susan asks…

How would i go about finding the worth of a rolex watch?

The watch is an Oyster perpetual day date. it is authentic, but for some reason i can’t find a site that will tell the the average worth of it. it is 18k yellow gold, 32 mm, no jewels on it, no numbers or roman numerals, just dashes. it is number 8828, serial number 8570f. can someone please help me out? thanks very much for your time.

Dave answers:

You should try and find a local jeweler or three that will appraise the piece for you. This is the best way to find out how much it’s worth. Although off the top of my head I’d say somewhere north of $10,000, depending on the condition.

Joseph asks…

I bought a Rolex watch from a friend , How do I know if it’s a fake?

It’s a steel ladies oyster perpetual.

Dave answers:

Try to appraise it on a pawnshop

John asks…

How do you tell??

I just got a rolex watch but I am not sure if it is real or if it is a knock off. How can I tell if it is real or fake? It is a “Rolex Oyster Perpetual” I dont know if that helps at all. It also has a small series of numbers on it maybe some type of identification number the series of numbers says “70216”. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time.

Dave answers:

It depends on how much you bought it for, where you bought it, who you bought it from…etc

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