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Q&a – Authorized Rolex Dealers

Michael asks…

Recommended Watch Shop in Hong Kong?

Any recommendations for a watch shop in Hong Kong? Looking to buy a good rolex and/or hublot. Heard it’s pretty cheap over there. Any good Authorised Dealers with charming personalities as well as a willingness to give a good price? =)
Which sops can I find a Hublot?
Thanks for the info!

Dave answers:

Before I got my Rolex in HK, I sought similar recommendations from my mate’s father (he’s worked in HK 30+ years).

He recommended 2 shops where he’s bought all his own watches over the years. He’s known the owners of both since the 70s. Both shops are Authorised Rolex Dealers and also recommended by the HK Tourist Board. You can rest assured that you’re buying the genuine article.

Both on same street in Central, not far from each other:

60 Queens Road Central

Emperor Warches & Jewellery
20 Queens Road Central

I visited Eldorado first and got sorted with the Rolex I wanted straight away.

Tip: when they give you the first price, immediately ask for a 15% discount and you should almost certainly get it. That’s the standard maximum discount available and it doesn’t vary.

Good luck.

PS Hublot, both shops are also authorised dealers – same applies as for Rolex.

Thomas asks…

The Best Place To Buy Gold Watches Online

I am on a quest to purchase a gold watch for my father. Does anyone know where I can find a 18k gold watch from a brand name like tag heuer , movado , Cartier, breitling or omega? Maybe even Rolex.

Let me know if you have any suggestions. I dont want to pay too much and I know if I go to the manufactuer and they send to to authorized watch dealer ill be paying full price.

Dave answers:

The first thing I would do is decide on a price. How much do you want to spend on a gold watch. They go from 500-500000 dollars. Once you decide how much you want to spend on a gold watch you should decide what type of features you want on the watch. Also do you want a dress watch or a sporty watch?

Once you decide on a few models do some searches on and see who has the best prices. If you are spending alot of money call the place and ask for a recommendation.

I like to shop at they have the best ratings on ebay and I love to call their watch sales team and chat with them.

Good luck!

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