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How much is this Rolex watch worth?

Question by Sean: How much is this Rolex watch worth?
This is my mothers watch and its about 40+ years old, I am trying to figure out how much it’s worth.
Here is the picture of it and I had few people look at it and they couldn’t put a price on it ( because it’s so old).

Best answer:

Answer by Kristian
The best way to get a real estimate of your mother’s Rolex is actually to know what kind of Rolex it is.

Go to the nearest Rolex agent/reseller/certified shop and find out what kind of Rolex you have. You will get a quote or an estimate as well.

After you have the full details, you can return to Google and look up what might be the price of such a watch.

If you do not have a watch shop or a reseller nearby, post your photos of the watch on sites like with the following showing (zoom in or Macro photograph):

– Back side of watch

– Full bezel and watch face

– zoom on date area

– zoom on written descriptions on watch face

You can also find out if this is a real Rolex by going here


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