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How much is this Rolex watch worth?

Question by Sean: How much is this Rolex watch worth?
This is my mothers watch and its about 40+ years old, I am trying to figure out how much it’s worth.
Here is the picture of it and I had few people look at it and they couldn’t put a price on it ( because it’s so old).

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Answer by Kristian
The best way to get a real estimate of your mother’s Rolex is actually to know what kind of Rolex it is.

Go to the nearest Rolex agent/reseller/certified shop and find out what kind of Rolex you have. You will get a quote or an estimate as well.

After you have the full details, you can return to Google and look up what might be the price of such a watch.

If you do not have a watch shop or a reseller nearby, post your photos of the watch on sites like with the following showing (zoom in or Macro photograph):

– Back side of watch

– Full bezel and watch face

– zoom on date area

– zoom on written descriptions on watch face

You can also find out if this is a real Rolex by going here


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Paul a

Great question…..this is a nice looking vintage Rolex watch. And it looks all orginial which really helps the value. People that collect vintage watches want it to be in its orginal condition ( same dial, same hands, same parts, etc ). So the fact that it appears all in tact helps add value.

Next, what is it worth. There are a number of places online to learn more. First, google “vintage Rolex” and see if any of the companies listed “organically” have a watch similar to this and what they are selling it for. It would help if you could locate the model number on the side of the case at 12 O’clock. See help info at

next, go to ebay and search “rolex model # ( insert model number )” and then look for items like it that have sold. ( dont look at items for sale since anyone can ask any price ) this is a great resource for you. I would also recommend ( Bob’s Watches )since they list a used Rolex price list.

Last, you can take a chance with Google Shopping but it is not as good for vintage models.

My estimate without doing much research is that it would retail for about $ 1,500 to $ 2,000. A dealer would probably pay about $ 1100 since he would need to service, clean and warranty the watch.

Hope this helps,

tom n

Agree this is a nice watch. Unfortunately in today’s market, there is tendency towards larger watches. This watch would be a 34mm, where today we would typically see watches 40mm and over, perhaps 38mm for a nice dress watch. This would be around $ 1200 -$ 1600.

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