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What are the costliest watch brands now?

Question by miyuki & kyojin: What are the costliest watch brands now?
Do we have any watch experts on YA? I am doing the 4th edition of a book about the costliest watch brands. In 3 editions, Breguet had a strong lead as the costliest brand. Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and A. Lange & Sohne were 2nd, 3rd & 4th. Many people believe Rolex is costliest, but it placed 18th to 24th. It is 41st tentaively now. In basic dress watches, a Rolex “Cellini” costs $ 3650, but my Patek Philippe “Calatrava’ costs $ 15,000 or 4.12 times more. In sports watches, my Rolex “Datejust” cost $ 13,150 in 1994, but my Breguet “Marine” cost $ 29,500 or 2.24 times more. For 2008, new brands are probably going to beat the old winners. A brand that began in 2001 offers a $ 429,000 platinum tourbillon watch. Behind it are a $ 347,100 Breguet and a $ 240,000 Patek Philippe. The new brand also offers a $ 135,000 gold chronograph rattrapante. 2nd to it is a $ 38,300 Blancpain. As you see, this new brand is gaining a big lead as the costliest one now.
I said a new brand will probably win now, so I did certainly not answer my own question. In an example, it clearly beats the old winners. What brand began in 2001 and is now likely to be costliest?
Son far, no one even tries to guess which brands are costliest. I reported one smart alec, and I may report more of them. If you don’t have a clue, don’t be angry with me. Blame yourself, if you have no idea.

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Answer by *M*A*D*L*H*
wow you type alot why dont you ask the question instead of giving us your life

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Rolex Datejust II Mens Watch 116334BKSO

Rolex Datejust II Mens Watch 116334BKSO

Stainless seel and white gold case with a stainless seel and white gold link bracelet. Fixed bezel. Black dial with luminous hands and stick hour markers. Rolex logo appears at the 12 o’clock position. Minute Markers around the outer rim. Date display at the 3 o’clock position. Self winding movement. Scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Case diameter: 41 mm. Water resistant at 100 metyers / 330 feet. Rolex Datejust II Mens Watch 116334BKSO.

List Price: $ 7,525.00

Price: $ 6,396.25

Rolex Datejust

Rolex Datejust

Rolex is the largest single luxury watch brand by far,producing about 2,000 watches per day.Rolex watches are popularly considered status symbols,many people all over the world are proud to own a Rolex watch.Rolex has innovated a series of watch models,Rolex Air king,Rolex Datejust,Rolex Day Date,Rolex Daytona,Rolex Explorer,Rolex GMT,Rolex Milgauss,Rolex Prince,Rolex Sea-Dweller,Rolex Submariner,Rolex Yacht-Master.Now i am going to discuss one of the watch models,Rolex Datejust.

Rolex Datejust was launched in 1945,it was the Jubilee Datejust Model 4467,it was only available in 18K gold at first.This model features a fine coin edged bezel,a gold edged date window,alternating red/black date figures,a tiny bubbleback winder and a deeply domed back.

1954:dramatic change

In 1954,Rolex introduced the Cyclops lens at Basel,this allowed the date to be read easier and has now become part of the Rolex signature.

1957:the new movement calibre 1065

In 1957,the new movement calibre 1065 was introduced,it was much lighter and much slimmer than its predecessor making the old domed back obsolete.And in 1957,the stainless steel Rolex Datejusts were released.

1962:one of the most popular watch Rolex has ever produced.

The stainless and gold Datejusts were introduced around 1962 and has proved to be one of the most popular Rolex’s ever produced.Since there was quite a large gap between sales in gold Datejusts and steel Datejust,Rolex filled the void with a mixed metal model.

1970:”Mid Size” watches

2030 movement was a scaled down version of the 1030 movement and was immediately fitted to a series of watches universally known as the “Mid Size”.These watches were perfect 80% replicas of the Oyster Perpetual and Datejust were available in all the metal and dial variations. They have proved to be one of Rolex’s success as they were very popular in the Europe, South America and Asia. Because they were an in between size they also appealed to large women or small men to whom the standard sizes did not appeal.

At the end of the 1980’s:Sapphire mineral crystal glass

At the end of the 1980’s,Rolex Datejust watches were fitted with the sapphire mineral crystal glass,it was more aesthetically pleasing as it slimmed the look of the Datejust and it also rendered the glass virtually scratch proof, which was extremely practical.

Nowadays,people are more likely to choose a top quality Rolex watch with cheap price,so a Rolex Datejust replica watch will be a good choice to many of them who like Rolex Datejust.You must admit,a replica watch  has price advantage when compared with original,though someone still has a doubt about their quality. provide you top quality replica watches with a great discount.

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Nick’s useful information and mailing list is something worth your while, especially if you are just starting out with your Rolex (or any other luxury watch) adventure.
I have allowed myself to bring here one of Nick’s very sound advice, in order to share it with you.
Nick is an Australian horloger, and whatever advice with reference to Aussie offices and info resources, just make your reference to your local state/country office.

Written by Nicholas Hacko, Master Watchmaker and Watch dealer
(more articles can be found at

1. Find a right dealer

A Rolex Wrist watch is a commodity like any other. It is supplied to you – the buyer – either from an Authorized Rolex Dealer specialized in selling brand new watches or an Independent, unauthorized dealer who deals in new, near-new, pre-owned and/or vintage Rolex watches. If your aim is to save money or if you are looking for a specific model no longer available from an authorized Rolex dealer, then buying from an independent watch dealer is not only your best but sometimes your ONLY choice.

Even a pre-owned Rolex is an expensive item: think of it like buying a car or a new kitchen. It is absolutely essential to buy your Rolex from a knowledgeable dealer you can trust.

Australians lose hundreds of millions of dollars to scams every year and you may have been a victim of a scam yourself. Scammers target everyone. Many watch scams originate from outside Australia and once money is sent overseas it is virtually impossible to recover.

So here is my first tip that would save you money, time and a headache:

Only buy a Rolex from a dealer that is physically located in Australia, has a real bricks and mortar store, has an Australian registered business name (ABN), and valid Second hand dealer’s license. ABN lookup is available online:

Check list: call / email the dealer and ask following questions:

  • Do you have a shop, showroom or office location I can visit?
  • What is your ABN number?
  • What is your Second hand dealer’s license number?
  • 2. When Rolex is not a Rolex

    Years ago, fake Rolex watches were so poorly made that practically no one would mistake one for the real thing. Nowadays, it’s a different story – counterfeit Rolex watches are almost impossible to distinguish from the real ones. The internet online auctions (such as eBay) and cybersellers are offering copies and fakes on an ever increasing basis. In my opinion the real threat to Australian consumers comes from semi-legitimate online dealers selling Rolex watches which are partially genuine and partially not. Practically these watches are a compilation of genuine and after market (non Rolex) parts. Such watches are very difficult to assess, especially online. ‘Modified’ or ‘enhanced’ Rolex watches have very low resale value and most importantly their performance and origin is highly questionable. Such watches are not serviceable by Official Rolex Service centres. The most common ‘enhancement’ is addition of non-Rolex diamond bezel, dial, hands, crystal glass and bracelets. The dead giveaway is the watch description containing words like “Rolex style”, “Italian made”, “aftermarket”, “non-genuine” “enhanced” etc. A reputable dealer would never offer a fake or put together piece. These rules of authenticity apply to all Rolex watches: brand new, pre-owned and vintage models.

    Here is my Rolex buying tip number two:

    Make it clear to dealer that you are not interested in buying anything else but 100% genuine, unaltered Rolex watch.

    Check list: call / email the dealer and ask following questions:

  • Do you offer an unconditional money back guarantee that the watch is completely genuine, authentic, unaltered Swiss made Rolex AND that the watch and its bracelet does not contain any internal or external non-Rolex parts?
  • 3. What is hiding inside?

    A Rolex watch is a precise mechanical instrument, similar in many ways to a high performance car. Like a car, a Rolex watch requires regular maintenance and servicing to keep it working in great condition and running as it should. Again, like a car, a Rolex watch should be serviced and maintained by experts who have the equipment and expertise – and most importantly access to genuine spare parts. Would you buy a car that has been in a collision? I doubt it. Ask yourself: how do I know that a Rolex watch has not been internally damaged or contains worn out parts or might be soon due for complete overhaul? The truth is you don’t really know. That is why you need to deal with a trustworthy watch expert who knows his watches inside out – not just anyone claiming to be “an expert”.

    Buying tip number three:

    Only buy ‘freshly serviced’ watches accompanied with at least 1 year written guarantee on the performance. It has to be overhauled by an Authorized Service Centre or reputable and experienced independent watchmaker specialized in high grade watches.

    Check list: call / email the dealer and ask following questions:

  • Do you offer written guarantee on timekeeping and water resistance?
  • 4. Too good to be true

    As stated earlier, Rolex watches are a commodity like any other. Millions of watches are in circulation and thousands of them are sold and bought every day. Thanks to the Internet, the pre-owned watch market has become a global phenomenon and if we take out of equation local sales tax or import duty, retail prices are very much the same around the world. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that you are going to find a ‘bargain of the century’ – a Rolex watch at half price or less from sellers based in China, the Philippines, Indonesia or Russia. The pre-owned market works basically in this fashion: the best and highly collectable pieces are sold by reputable dealers to regular customers and collectors, less desirable pieces are offered to jewellery retailers selling to novice or uneducated buyers and bottom of the barrel (heavily worn watches) end up with pawn brokers and online auctioneers. Predatory sellers and scammers are specialized in watches of dubious origin, ‘put together’ pieces and outright fakes.

    My fourth buying tip is:

    Quality costs money. If the deal sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

    Check list: ask yourself these following questions:

  • Why am I attracted to a particular watch?
  • Am I getting best possible value for money?
  • 5. Your mileage may vary

    Let me tell you a small secret: a litmus test of credibility of any Rolex watch dealer is his willingness to publicly disclose watch serial numbers. If your seller is secretive about such vital information then run away from the deal as fast as you can! The serial numbers are important for two reasons: firstly, knowing the serial number would allow you to find out the age of the Rolex watch. The list of serial numbers and details on how to translate the serial numbers into production or manufacturing years are located here: Think of it as of the mileage of your car – where less is usually better (except of course in the case of old and unique watches in the Rolex Professional range). Secondly, every Australian pre-owned watch dealer is required to record watch serial and model numbers and to submit those numbers electronically to the Australian Police within 24 hours from the date of purchase (Which is a great way to prevent dealers in off selling watches of dubious origin).

    The fifth buying tip is:

    a Rolex watch serial number is vital information which must be disclosed to the buyer. If the seller is secretive or unwilling to disclose it publicly then you should not deal with him.

    Check list: call / email the dealer and ask following questions:

  • What is the model reference number and serial number of the watch?
  • Have you submitted the serial and model reference numbers to Australian Police?
  • 6. Tax evasion

    According to Australian Tax Office, Tax evasion involves unlawfully escaping liability for, or payment of, tax. It is when someone has deliberately and dishonestly evaded tax. Tax evasion has an impact on our tax system – it causes a significant loss of revenue to the community that could be used for funding improvements in health, education, and other government programs.

    Tax evasion also allows some businesses to gain an unfair advantage in a competitive market. As a result, the burden of tax not paid by those who choose to evade tax falls on other taxpayers. The following are some signs that a person or business may be evading tax: not being registered for GST despite clearly exceeding the threshold; not charging GST at the correct rate; not wanting to issue a receipt; providing false invoices and using false business name, address, Australian business number (ABN) or tax file number (TFN).

    The sixth Rolex buying tip is:

    Getting paid in cash is not illegal but failing to declare income or account for GST is ! Always request a Tax Invoice; don’t deal with businesses that don’t provide valid tax invoices or offer “better deals” by selling goods “GST FREE”.

    Check list: call / email the dealer and ask following questions:

  • Would you provide a Tax Invoice with the watch?
  • 7. Take your time!

    Some dealers may try to make you feel that if you don’t buy a particular watch now you will lose out; or to offer you a massive “discount” on an original high price. Unscrupulous sellers try to build up your commitment to the watch so that you can’t say no later on. On the other hand, a reputable dealer will respect your business and will do whatever possible to make you fully satisfied with your choice.

    Take your time and choose carefully! According to NSW Office of Fair Trading, consumers are not entitled to a refund when they change their mind about a product, when a consumer has found a cheaper product elsewhere, has bought a gift that is unsuitable or their circumstances have changed and they no longer require the goods. For more information see

    In case you really like the watch and don’t want to miss out, request to have it put ‘on hold’ for day or two. A good dealer would be happy to do so, without even asking for holding deposit.

    The seventh Rolex buying tip is:

    Whether you buying a brand new or pre-owned Rolex, choose carefully! Don’t rush and don’t let the salesman to rush you into the deal.

    Check list: call / email the dealer and ask following questions:

  • I would like to do more research. Would you hold a watch for me for day or two without holding deposit?
  • 8. Be smart, be happy!

    Before you go ahead and purchase that brand new, fancy Rolex watch, you’ve got to ask yourself: can I afford it? Some new-watch dealers jokingly say that if you’re asking for the price of a luxury watch prior to buying it, chances are, you can’t afford it. So if you can’t afford a brand new Rolex, you may consider a lovely pre-owned piece- However, if you have to borrow money even to buy a second hand watch, than my advice is clear: wait a bit longer and save a bit harder. Buying a luxury watch should be a pleasant experience, not a burden to your budget.

    It is no secret – the best suppliers of Rolex watches to second hand market are buyers who either made a wrong choice or have overcommitted themselves in the first place.

    Rolex buying tip number eight:

    Dealers make money buying Rolex watches from those who cannot afford luxury and selling to those who can. Assess you financial situation carefully and honestly.

    Check list: ask yourself following question:

  • Am I buying an asset or a liability?
  • 9. It’s all about you!

    The final selection of a Rolex watch, in terms of style, design and functionality, should be purely based on your individual taste. Be open to suggestions, but the watch of your final choice must ultimately be the one that you like – not your partner, mother or work colleague!

    Buying tip number nine:

    Buy the model you like and one that suits your needs, taste, wearing environment; a watch that will enhance or reinforce your image, look or lifestyle.

    Check list: ask the dealer to

  • Have the watch bracelet adjusted properly to fit your wrist size.
  • 10. Don’t risk it – insure it!

    Now that you are the proud owner of a Rolex watch, it may be wise to insure it. Like any other item within your household, it is important that your watch is covered in the case of theft, loss or damage. Although no amount of money can replace it’s sentimental value, the money will help you to buy another watch. Statistics show that in Australia someone is burgled just about every minute. According to the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics ( see ) only 5 per cent of break and enter crimes are solved by the police, so the chance of recovering your stolen possessions is very low. Don’t risk it – insure it! For a relatively small amount of money a watch or jewellery can be insured under your general household insurance policy. Notify the insurer immediately after you make a purchase by faxing them Insurance Valuation certificate. To find more about general home and content insurance go to insurer’s website. Most Australian insurers now have an online premium estimator, so do your research and get the best cover possible. NRMA website:

    Any reputable watch dealer would provide a valid and professional Insurance valuation certificate upon request at that time of purchase, either free of charge or at his cost.

    My last Rolex buying tip is this one:

    Your Rolex watch is worth insuring. Insure it!

    Check list: ask your dealer to

  • Provide a free Insurance Valuation certificate.
  • What do you need to check before buying a Rolex watch (Pre owned or New)

    Let’s start from the basics – You cannot buy a genuine Rolex watch for 395$ (I am talking used, pre owned, mint condition – whatever you want to call them – for new, you’ll have to shed much more than that amount and than some more)

    If you are being offered a Rolex watch for $395 – be sure it is a replica…

    Now to the meat:

    New Rolex –

    If you want to buy a new Rolex watch, go to an authorized dealer, or one of the luxury department store – than you’ll be sure you are buying the genuine article. You can always go to the site and look for the list of authorized dealers…

    Pre owned Rolex –

    If you understand (like I have) that you can buy a Rolex watch from a previous owner that have decided to sell, or from an e-tailer (online Rolex retailer), you should know the following:

    Reputable marketplace – Buy from a known ecommerce site (like Amazon, eBay etc’) where you have a dispute resolving mechanism, and in case you have paid with PayPal, you are also covered for the full amount of the purchase (in case you bought on eBay) – you can find the terms of purchase on the purchase page (Note that PayPal allows deals of UP TO USD10,000).

    Background check – Conduct your own due diligence of the seller, its past performance (how many previous deals, feedbacks, testimonials) and its return policy (no return policy is something you should be questioning). Have the seller’s full contact details (physical address, phone numbers, if company – than company information and registration) – verify these details.

    You want to work with reputable sellers, and people that do not share their contact info, might have something to hide.

    Know your market – You should know what you are going to buy. Ask around, call some Rolex dealers and find out the price range of your sought after Rolex. Learn what are the identifying marks of that type of Rolex are, and what are the models, colors and availability (some models are rarer than others)

    Terms of Purchase – Do not commit to purchase before you receive the following information:

    model number, serial number, and have them checked by a jeweler or a Rolex dealer.

    Conduct all the information exchange and negotiation in writing. Remember – Rolex dealers do not sell using Gmail, hotmail or yahoo accounts, or do not have regularly unavailable phone numbers.

    Make sure the seller has a return policy, should there be any doubt about the authenticity of the watch.

    Another option is that the seller will provide a certificate of authenticity with the watch, made by a certified jeweler. The certificate should list the model number, serial number, case back ID and movement signature.

    5 Watches with prestige – and profit potential

    By Eugenia Levenson, Fortune reporter (From CNN Money)

    A Rolex has long been an accessory for showcasing status, savvy, and style. But recently it has also become a fast-appreciating asset. The watch market is full of long-term investments — Julien Schaerer, a watch director at the auction house Antiquorum, showed us where to look.

    1. The Starter Watch
    Bidding Range: $5,000

    Rolex Submariner, references 5512, 5513, or 1680

    Mass-produced but in high demand, vintage Rolex Submariners are a great buy in this price range. Says Schaerer: “They’re going to continue to appreciate, and they’re designed to be fairly rugged, so you don’t have to be overly careful when you wear them.”

    2. The Up and Comer
    Bidding Range: $10,000
    Omega Seamaster Ploprof

    A high-quality brand only recently discovered by collectors, Omega has room to grow. “Three years ago 80% of the Omega watches from the 1970s would have been in the range of $1,000 to $2,500. Today the Ploprof, which is a very iconic diving watch, sells for $6,000 to $8,000,” says Schaerer.

    3. The Value Play
    Bidding Range: $20,000

    Panerai Sly Tech

    Once overlooked, Panerai now boasts a dedicated fan base. One collector favorite is the Sly Tech, a special-edition watch produced for Sylvester Stallone in different series with varying production runs. Depending on the model, Schaerer estimates a price of $15,000 to $40,000.

    4. The Classic Tank
    Bidding Range: $50,000

    Cartier Tank Cintrיe

    Generally less collectible than men’s watches, some women’s models, such as vintage Cartiers, have appreciated significantly in the past decade. “The Tank Cintrיe is a beautiful ladies’ watch with potential for growth still,” says Schaerer. A yellow-gold Tank sold for $20,000 ten years ago, but Schaerer estimates it would be closer to $40,000 today. The platinum version went for $40,000 in 1995 but made $250,000 last year.

    5. The Trophy Watch
    Bidding Range: $200,000 and up

    2499 Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

    Produced from 1951 until 1985, the 2499 is a cult item among Patek collectors, says Schaerer. He estimates that in yellow gold, the watch could sell for up to $400,000 today, while a rare model in pink gold might fetch $1 million or more.

    6. Auction 101
    Want to bid like a pro? Adrienne Hines (pictured), who heads the watch department at Christie’s New York, offers these tips.

    Focus: Auctions feature hundreds of watches, so Hines recommends narrowing your interests to specific manufacturers, styles, or designs to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Use past catalogs as a background.

    Request Details: Catalog descriptions contain only basic information, but auction houses offer more comprehensive reports on condition, rarity, and other features onsite or by e-mail. “We’ve had the piece for the entire cataloging process_ we’ve lived with it. Our report is a good key,” says Hines.

    Bring Tools: Seemingly minor details in the watch’s dial or case can mean thousands of dollars in value, so bring a photographer’s loupe to get a closer look. “It magnifies the watch for a better view of its condition, and anybody can use it. It’s a good thing for someone to have when they’re starting out,” says Hines.

    Use the Specialists: Onsite experts can help narrow your search, open watches to reveal internal mechanisms, and even teach you how to evaluate different models. “Ask them to show you different pieces so you can learn, step by step, what to look for, since it becomes more evident the more examples you see,” says Hines.

    Know your History: Ask the staff specialists about the watch’s provenance and originality of parts_ both important factors in determining its value. Hines also recommends inquiring about original accompaniments, such as the box and receipts. “Those provide a time capsule of when the watch was originally bought,” she says.

    How to tell if yours is a fake Rolex

    If you wish to buy your first Rolex, you should first learn how to tell it is NOT the genuine item.

    Don’t fall for prices – a real Rolex does not cost $50, $395 nor $695.

    It is not a genuine Rolex if:

    The dials are ticking or jerking – Rolex is known for its smooth sweeping dial movement. If it’s ticking – It’s not a Rolex!

    Weight and manufacturing quality are not top notch – If the watch body and the band are not solid and heavy. If the edges of the band are not well polished and you find open or hollow links. Or if you find any flow in the watch’s manufacturing quality – It is not a Rolex.

    Flawed letters and/or engraving – Use a magnifying glass to look at the letters and engravings on the watch. If you find any fault in the letters (even with a highly magnifying glass) or the smoothness of the engravings of the serial number or case number – It is not a Rolex.

    Clear skeleton back case – That is not a Rolex!!! Rolex has only manufactured clear skeleton back case watches on the 1930’s and they were not production models.

    Engraved logos or Hallmarks on the back case – That is not a Rolex! Rolex does not have any engravings or hallmarks on the back case (except for the “Sea dweller” model and a rare ladies model from the 1990’s). You might find a 3D hologram encoded sticker on the back of the newer Rolexes. The sticker features the Rolex trademark (the Crown) just above the case reference number, and can be identified easily. Some fake Rolexes might have a sticker but not a real 3d effect hologram. In that case, it is not a Rolex!

    The face is made of glass and not sapphire crystal – Some fake rolexes might have sapphire crystal face, but most are not. Sapphire crystal is smooth, and does not scratch very easily. Water bead on it to one drop due to its smoothness.

    Small and misaligned date magnification – The cyclops magnification bubble is located exactly over the date and magnifies the date by 2.5. If the cyclops is not well centered or misaligned than obviously it’s not a Rolex. Note that the “Sea Dweller” model does not have the cyclops feature.
    You might find some counterfeit watches using larger font sized dates in order to “fix” the cyclops magnification (that is about 1.5 times in the fake cyclops)

    No micro etched trademark (The Crown) on the watch’s crystal – If you cannot find an etched crown, below the 6 o’clock marker, in a Rolex made after 2002, or see it is not clear, and not too well designed, than it is not a Rolex!

    For Sea Dweller, Submariner and Daytona models:
    No rubber o-ring on the winding tube of the Triplock Crown – This is not a definite identification if this is a pre-owned or used Rolex, as some Rolex parts can be replaced by secondary parts at time of maintenance.

    Being a watch enthusiast

    If you are a watch enthusiast but have little or no understanding
    or appreciation for clocks, you will never acquire the deep and intuitive
    appreciation for fine watches.

    You can spend months on watch forums, learn brand names
    and specifications by heart… you will just be wasting your time.
    What you need is solid knowledge of the basic historical connections
    that exist between functionality, performance, aesthetics, design and value.
    Learning about watches and not having at least some knowledge of clocks is painful.
    An appropriate analogy to this scenario is to
    consider a Medical student with no prior knowledge of human anatomy,
    or a student studying Law who cannot read and write.
    I know many of you have asked themselves this question at least once:
    Why some collectors can intuitively spot a bargain and snatch that unusual
    watch from a not-so-famous maker? More often than not, this has nothing
    to do with having abundant disposable income or plain luck – this has to
    do with appreciation skills of the collector: ability to ‘have an eye’ for finishes,
    quality of workmanship, classical proportions and so on.
    Those attributes can only be acquired by studying the history and development of clocks.

    Getting ‘into clocks’ is not that difficult!
    The best way to learn and enjoy clocks (without buying them) is to subscribe to a good
    clock magazine – and the one I would personally recommend is actually called CLOCKS Magazine by a UK publisher (

    My collection of CLOCKS dates back to the late 1970s I would
    never part with a single issue.

    Men’s Rolex oyster perpetual Watch

    The redesigned Oyster perpetual features smoother lines and enhanced dials. It is available in steel or steel and 18ct white gold. Self-winding, this classic Rolex watch is water proof to 100 meters/330 feet.

    Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch

    Certifications: Chronometer
    Size: 36mm
    Material: Steel
    Bezel: Domed
    Dial: Silver
    Bracelet: Oyster featuring Oysterclasp
    Movement: Self winding
    Water Resistant: Water proof to 100 meters/330 feet
    Crystal: Sapphire
    Model number: 116000

    Made from 904L steel, which provides maximum ability to withstand corrosion, the steel watch cases are, married perfectly with the other precious metals used by Rolex.

    Download the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Men’s Watch brochure here

    Check out the current offers from Amazon of New and Pre-owned Rolex Oyster Perpetual, below:

    [phpzon]Rolex Oyster Perpetual, 8, Watches[/phpzon]
    1 56 57 58