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New Rolex Daytona Full Gold 116528

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what style of pulsar wrist watch has a Rolex style two tone has roman numerals on the watch face?

Question by jason f: what style of pulsar wrist watch has a Rolex style two tone has roman numerals on the watch face?
it also has on the face words that say 100m water resist. Im trying to find this watch and I dont know what style of pulsar it is.

Best answer:

Answer by [root@server ~]#
“Pulsar” is a trademark of Seiko.

Few people collect Japanese made watches. Some examples of Japanese watches are: Pulsar, Citizen, Laurus, Sharp, Casio, and Myota.

They never hold their value like vintage Swiss, German, Russian, French, or even antique American made watches, so they are not often regarded as “collectible”.

You will have to check on watch collector sites. Look here:

I have been a watch collector for years. I have never heard the term “Rolex Style” used in this context, so I do not know exactly what “Rolex Style” means. You will find that most other watch collectors will not know what you mean. Often people in the watch collecting hobby or watch sales will say “Submariner Style”. “Submariner” is a trademark of Rolex, and happens to be one of the most popular, as well as copied watch designs in the world.

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Q&A: What make is my Rolex Oyster?

Question by Johnathan: What make is my Rolex Oyster?
First of all at the top area (12 O’clock) there is the day and the date is magnified at the 3 O’clock area with diamond squares and gold around the edges where numbers would go.
Second of all the rolex logo and “Rolex oyster perpetual Day-Date” is written underneath the day 12 O’clock and at the bottom above the 6 O’Clock it says “superlative chronometer officially certified.”
Thirdly on the bit that goes around the wrist at the back there is the oyster emblem

Plus how do you get out the links on the bit that goes around the wrist
10 points for the best answer

Best answer:

Answer by Penguin Power!
I am a watch collector and a Rolex owner.

The watch make is of course “Rolex”. “Make refers to the name of the manufacturer. The model is the “Day Date”. “Perpetual” is the Rolex trademark for self winding. “Superlative Chronometer” is another Rolex trade mark. “Oyster” is a Rolex trademark for water resistant.

The bracelet can be sized by removing the screws, and then removing the links. The “crown” symbol is a Rolex trademark. It does not mean “Oyster”.

Hold the watch tightly in your hand. Shake it back and forth. Do you hear something scraping, or can you feel the little weight inside moving? If you can then you have a $ 10 fake. Almost all fake Rolex are made by the same company:

Your watch is obviously a fake or you would know what it is. My real Rolex has a box, owners manual, a passport wallet, etc.

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Ladies Rolex and Men?s Rolex Jeweler Luxor Time Announces New Promotion on Rolex Datejust Watches

Ladies Rolex and Men’s Rolex Jeweler Luxor Time Announces New Promotion on Rolex Datejust Watches

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) December 18, 2013

Luxor Time, a company that offers the highest quality pre-owned Rolex watches at the best Rolex prices possible, has just announced a Pre-Holidays sale on some of its most popular watches. From December 19-21, customers can get 20 percent off on both men’s and ladies Rolex Datejust watches. To receive the discount, shoppers simply need to add in the coupon code HOLIDAYSALE20 during the checkout process.

The timing for the promotion could not be any better; the holiday season is in full swing and people around the country are contemplating what to get for their loved ones. With their wide selection of pre-owned ladies and mens Rolex watches, Luxor Time is an outstanding place to shop for a truly memorable holiday gift.

From a Ladies Rolex Datejust with a two-tone mother of pearl diamond bezel to a Mens Rolex Datejust that features a two-tone diamond dial and fluted bezel and much more, aficionados of Rolex watches will be sure to find what they are looking for at Luxor Time.

Since the day the company opened in 1995, Luxor Time has strived to sell only the best pre-owned Rolex watches possible, all at wholesale prices. They have over 1,000 watches in stock and are always adding to their extensive collection from a variety of sources around the world.

“We have in-house Rolex Certified watchmakers to ensure each timepiece is delivered with the highest quality and standards held by any dealer,” an article on the company’s website,, said, adding that all of their pre-owned watches have gone through a comprehensive internal and external overhaul where each watch has been meticulously restored to original factory specifications.

“Luxor Time is only focused on one mission: Customer Satisfaction which is our Number One Priority. It is a pleasure and courtesy to serve our customers with the upmost care and service.”

Anybody who would like to learn more about the beautiful Rolex watches that are available from Luxor Time is welcome to visit the company’s website at any time; there, they can browse through the vast selection of top quality men’s and women’s time pieces.

About Luxor Time:

Since 1995, Luxor Time has been offering the highest quality pre-owned Rolex watches to various resellers and buyers at wholesale prices. Luxor Time stocks a huge variety of Rolex watches at all times, and everyone is thoroughly inspected to be sure they are in pristine condition. The company is located in Los Angeles, California and all of the watches are shipped the next day as soon as the payment has been received. For more information, please visit

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Q&A: Is this Rolex watch real or fake?

Question by Paco-Taco: Is this Rolex watch real or fake?
I have a Rolex watch, the numbers I find on it is 455 B1 steblhox 62523N.18 D12 rdgsfrked snsawabe its a oyster perpetual date under that it says subariner 1000t (I think) = 300m superlative chronometer officially certified and on the back of it it says “steel back deville swiss made stainless”

That’s all I can see on this watch so is it real or fake?

Best answer:

Answer by Sur La Mer
The only way to find out? Take it to a Pawn Shop or jewelry store like Ben Bridge, that sells REAL ROLEX watches.

We ARE YAHOO, it’s a wide world web, and many of us do NOT own real ROLEX watches, but only a fraction of us own OMEGA.

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