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What are the costliest watch brands now?

Question by miyuki & kyojin: What are the costliest watch brands now?
Do we have any watch experts on YA? I am doing the 4th edition of a book about the costliest watch brands. In 3 editions, Breguet had a strong lead as the costliest brand. Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and A. Lange & Sohne were 2nd, 3rd & 4th. Many people believe Rolex is costliest, but it placed 18th to 24th. It is 41st tentaively now. In basic dress watches, a Rolex “Cellini” costs $ 3650, but my Patek Philippe “Calatrava’ costs $ 15,000 or 4.12 times more. In sports watches, my Rolex “Datejust” cost $ 13,150 in 1994, but my Breguet “Marine” cost $ 29,500 or 2.24 times more. For 2008, new brands are probably going to beat the old winners. A brand that began in 2001 offers a $ 429,000 platinum tourbillon watch. Behind it are a $ 347,100 Breguet and a $ 240,000 Patek Philippe. The new brand also offers a $ 135,000 gold chronograph rattrapante. 2nd to it is a $ 38,300 Blancpain. As you see, this new brand is gaining a big lead as the costliest one now.
I said a new brand will probably win now, so I did certainly not answer my own question. In an example, it clearly beats the old winners. What brand began in 2001 and is now likely to be costliest?
Son far, no one even tries to guess which brands are costliest. I reported one smart alec, and I may report more of them. If you don’t have a clue, don’t be angry with me. Blame yourself, if you have no idea.

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Answer by *M*A*D*L*H*
wow you type alot why dont you ask the question instead of giving us your life

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