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Adulterers Avoid Credit Crunch – Extramarital Dating Seen as ‘Affordable Treat’ During Economic Downturn

Adulterers Avoid Credit Crunch – Extramarital Dating Seen as ‘Affordable Treat’ During Economic Downturn

London, England (PRWEB) October 21, 2008

Whilst the business downturn is affecting many sectors it hasn’t put the dampeners on intrigue and lust. According to David Miller who owns the Loving Links extramarital dating agency people are brightening their day with adulterous thoughts. “An affair is seen as an affordable treat in difficult times,” says Miller. Whereas in the past, a city trader would buy a new Rolex or flash lifestyle accessory they are now signing up on the loving links website as a potential ‘gloom-buster’. David Miler, who is a pioneer of the extramarital dating business and regularly referred to as ‘Britain’s adultery guru,’ has geared his business model to providing value for money in an industry that has recently been seen as expensive adjunct to the British sex industry. Users can email and flirt with an enormous number of like-minded marrieds for as little as £85.00 for 2 months and they have recently introduced a ‘credit crunch’ rate of as little as £125.00 for 4 months.

The Loving Links site does, indeed, offer a lot for its fees – in addition to the confidential email service typical of most dating sites the site also features a very popular late night chat room where members can flirt in real time and even be visible on webcams. “People just love the whole web cam thing,” enthuses Miller. “People realize that you don’t have to have film star looks to have fun.” The chat room grew out from the well established Loving Links Forum which has a devoted following and is more like an ongoing soap opera with users developing wonderful persona illustrated by carefully chosen avatars. “By their avatar shall you know them!” is a phrase often mentioned in Loving Links discussions.

Because of the personal interaction on the Forum and chat areas, the site has a busy off line community programme with drinks parties being organized by members all around the country. In October alone there were well attended drinks events in London, Birmingham and Bristol. These are non-commercial events with just a whip round for drinks and food. “Why does everything have to be so bloody commercial!” moans Miller. “It all started when the big web groups and the investment companies moved into the extramarital dating market looking for fast returns. When I started in 1994 it was about nice middle class professional people wanting a bit on the side – we try to keep that ethos but the mighty web tries to turn everything into a faceless ‘tabloid nightmare’. Perhaps the post-investor period will bring in a sea change and sites like ours which are run by ‘real people’ with contactable phone numbers and a personal service ethic will make all the running?”

Certainly the personal consultancy side of the Loving Links business is attracting clients who don’t expect to ‘download’ an affair like they can download a music album. “Finding a lover is totally different from ordering a DVD or a bestseller from Amazon,” says Miller, “yet very often people expect the same 24hour delivery schedule! Private clients are more realistic about time frames and are prepared to wait whilst we advise them and evaluate their opportunities in a careful and professional manner.”

David has also released his book “The Joy of Adultery” in instant downloadable format this book is full of tips to would be adulterers to help them organize and manage their affairs.

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How do you win the claw machine?

Question by Guitar guru: How do you win the claw machine?
At the mall there would be these claw machines. There was rolexes and jewlery in there in one of them. I tried time an time again to get that GODFORSAKEN Rolex that I’d try to win time and time and time again. I spent like 30$ on that thing and I still failed at getting that Rolex. Any possible way?

Best answer:

Answer by LeaflameSD
You don’t. These machines are made like you CAN’T win. If you spend all your money on THAT thing, then you have no life, I’m sorry. Just… go maybe once, twice or maybe three times a month. And only spend maximum $ 2 or $ 3 dollars on that thing. OR… just save up and buy the damn thing yourself.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

More New Rolex Products

Rolex Daytona Cosmograph Watch – 16523 video review – Movement “Gut Shot” 1/2 # Pre-owned Rolex Zenith Cosmograph two-tone Daytona # 18k yellow gold and stainless steel # Chronograph feature # Model 16523 # Automatic winding movement # Sapphire crystal # 40mm Diameter case # Black dial # Serial # U608xxx # Original date of purchase 2/23/99 # Light scratches on the bezel # Original papers included # This watch has a Zenith movement and is no longer in production # Retail price 400
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Melrose Jewelers Has Announced Comprehensive Three Part Warranty on Exclusive Range of Rolex Watches

Melrose Jewelers Has Announced Comprehensive Three Part Warranty on Exclusive Range of Rolex Watches

Melrose Jewelers

Floroda (PRWEB) April 24, 2012

Melrose Jewelers is the #1 online retailer of pre-owned, as well as brand new Rolex Watches and diamond jewelry in and around U.S.A. Their range of collection is authentic and full of choices. These timepieces are an apt accessory for one’s wrist. Melrose Jewelers has come up with three part warranty on all the Rolex Watches, including Rolex Daytona, Rolex Submariner and Rolex Explorer to improve customer’s confidence while purchasing at Melrose Jewelers.

President of Melrose Jewelers, Krishnan Agarwal spoke at the occasion. He stated, “We are offering Rolex Watches with three part warranty for strengthening our customer relationship. This three part warranty comprises of two year warranty for any manufacturing or assembly defects, life time authenticity guarantee after inspection from Associated International Gemological Laboratory(AIGL) and our expert watchmakers and 30 days exchange policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase. This is another effort to make our services more convenient for you. If you have any queries concerning these services you can dial our customer care number or can visit our website anytime and from anywhere. We provide customer care services seven days a week.”

Above mentioned services are available on all the Rolex Watches and diamond jewelry. These Rolex sports Watches are available in world-wide renowned brands such as Rolex Daytona, Rolex Submariner and Rolex Explorer. These sports watches were manufactured primarily for specific sports events. They are, Rolex Daytona for professional race drivers and speed sports, Rolex Submariner for swimming and surfing and Rolex Explorer for hiking and outdoor activities. But their design and range attracts every watch lover.

Melrose Jewelers was founded in 2008 on a simple premise: buying a Rolex Watch should not be mysterious or complicated. Melrose Jewelers provides its customers with low, no-haggle prices on luxury wristwatches that have been meticulously restored to original factory specifications both externally and internally. For more information log on to or dial 888-574-1250.


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Q&a – Rolex Watch

Laura asks…

Why do I have to reset the time on my Rolex watch every day?

I know it’s motion activated, but shouldn’t only stop after weeks of non-use?

Dave answers:

Most of the Rolex watches are Mechanical Automatic Watches.

An Automatic Watch doesn’t have a Battery in it. When you wear the Rolex watch, the rotor in the watch will turn and it gives the watch power. However, the power will slowly go down and if you don’t wear the watch for a certain period of time and all of the power will have drained out.

You should wind the watch up manually with your hand and you should give the crown about about 30-35 turns if you pick it up and it’s not running. Also, after wearing your watch for the day, wind the watch manually and give it about 20 turns before going to bed.

Edit: Most Automatic Watches can run on their own power if they are fully wound up for 1-2 days. Depending on the watch movement, some Automatic Watches can run on their own power for a little bit longer than 2 days.

If you want to make sure that your watch is always wound up and will be always running even if you don’t wear it for a few weeks, you should buy a Watch Winder. The Watch Winder will turn your Automatic Watch and it will give your Automatic Watch constant power without having to wear it.

George asks…

What is the best way to sell my Rolex watch?

(stainless steel, silver tapestry face, Y-serial number, excellent condition, all papers, documents, and box). A jeweler offered me $1,300 but I think it is worth much more. I was thinking of using Craig’s List. Any ideas?

Dave answers:


Your another option would be to sell it on eBay but you would have to have an account in good standing – I mean a good feedback as people will be scared to buy such an expensive item from someone new. Other than that, take it to another jewelry store and just ask, not that you want to sell it, how much it is worth.

Mark asks…

How do you take links off of a Rolex watch?

My dad bought me a rolex and it is a bit too big is there a way to take links out of it without taking it to a jewelers

Dave answers:

I would recommend taking the time piece into your local Rolex Authorized Dealer or a jeweler. Go with your dad and take it to the jeweler he bought the Rolex from. They should adjust the bracelet for you free of charge.

Considering how expensive a Rolex is, if it was my time piece, I would not want to risk scratching the metal.

Mary asks…

how can you tell the difference between a Rolex watch and a replica?

what does a real Rolex have that a replica doesn’t (besides
a certificate of authenticity)?

Dave answers:

Some Rolex replicas are more accurate than ever and very difficult to tell from the real thing, replicas now a days have a smooth sweeping hand just like a real one thanks to a self winding automatic movement, replicas now have all the appropriate serial numbers and markings on the case and band,
the font on the dial (face of the watch) is computer printed and just as sharp as the real thing, replica Rolex watches even have the micro etched crown on the glass above the six o’clock marker and is barely visible to the naked eye just like the real thing, even the hologram sticker on the back is now very accurate
How do I know all this stuff?
I’m a member of a forum that discusses replica watches.


And just so you know, we are not watch dealers and are not trying to sell you anything, we just enjoy talking about replica watches of all kinds, how to tell what a good one looks like and most importantly how to avoid overpaying and getting an inferior watch.

Richard asks…

I have a rolex watch and i was planning to sell it on craigslist. how much do you think this is worth? basically i want to know as much information about this watch as possible. if you can plz help out, that would be great. I have to admit that it’s fake and has a few scratches and occasionally doesn’t function properly. Whats the price?

Dave answers:

If it’s fake, it’s not a Rolex. If it’s fake, it isn’t even a Timex. If it isn’t even a Timex then it’s worth nothing since the postage would be more expensive than the merchandise.

Susan asks…

I want to buy a new rolex watch?

I want to buy a new rolex watch (GMT master II), how can I be sure that the rolex I’m buying is completely new and unworn?

Dave answers:

Buy it at a Rolex boutique.

Ken asks…

How much would a ROLEX watch cost at a PAWN SHOP?

I was wondering now that I am going to Florida in a month,,, How much the cheapest rolex watch would cost at a local pawn shop…
Its for a bday present
want a real one

Dave answers:

.Rebecca your best looking on ebay,amazon or one of the other sites selling goods.These can be verified for authenticity before purchase

Donald asks…

how to Differ Original and Replicated Rolex Watch ?

HI, I am going to buy a Rolex Wrist Watch. How to identify original Rolex Watch.

Dave answers:

Rolex cost thousands of US dollars. You could pay your rent for at least 6 months to 1 year in India for the price of a rolex. If it’s cheap, it’s fake.

Thomas asks…

Is it true that I can get a free Rolex watch?

I just got an email from someone who was giving away free rolex watches. I’ve heard that they’re really expensive, so this sounds like a bargain to! Me friends are going to be so jealous.

Dave answers:

It is a fake watch. When I was in China they sold them for 10 bucks on every street corner. Real Rolex’s are made in Switzerland but many of the parts are manufactured in China. Because they make these parts they are able to easily make convincing fake Rolex’s but they are junk and don’t keep time more than a week or the band breaks after 2 days.

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Q&a – Rolex Watch

Steven asks…

why should i hand in a rolex watch i found?

if some one can spend thousands on a watch , im sure there not short of money. and do you know what i work very hard to look after my young family for pennys. so dont get on the hight ground telling me to hand it in, when you know you wouldt.

Dave answers:

I take offence to your inference that everybody would do as you have done in breaking the law as theft by find(carries same fate as pickpocketing) that you feel it is your right somehow? Well i cannot speak for others as you obviously can but i’d probably pocket it. By the way, rolex watches are noted when sold and can be traced back to last seller so be warned

Betty asks…

Is being White sort of like a status symbol, like wearing a Rolex watch or driving a Ferrari?

In other words, skin color doesn’t matter at a base level.
But when you have human interactions, it’s sociologically a huge deal?

Don’t you think being fair-skinned makes you ultimately more desirable to other humans, and more likely to be successful?

Dave answers:

No!! I don’t look in the mirror everyday and think “Wow, I’m so glad I’m white.” It’s just another colour.

Look at Obama, Halle Berry, and all the rappers/singers like 50 Cent, Beyonce and (the richest rapper) Jay-Z – they’re all successful, and they aren’t white. I mean, decades ago, if an American had voiced the idea of a future black president, they would’ve been laughed at. And regarding beauty – what about Halle Berry? She’s been nominated the most beautiful woman in the world. Which, strictly speaking, isn’t really valid because nobody judges the appearance of every person on Earth. But still, you get my point.

Skin colour has nothing to do with success. None of the materialistic stuff matters, because most celebrities came from poor families when they were children. Would they have gotten to where they are today with no talent, no character, no determination? No. They had a dream, a goal, and they stuck to it until they reached victory. If you want success, you have to keep trying, even if you slip up along the way because that’s inevitable, but DON’T GIVE UP. That is the true beauty of it. 🙂

Richard asks…

what should I do about my rolex watch?

I buy the replia rolex watch on . but I don’t like it now ,what i deal with it ?

Dave answers:

Put it in the back of your dresser drawer and forget about it. You are not going to be able to sell it on eBay since it is a counterfeit Rolex. Knowingly trying to sell a counterfeit item on eBay is a user violation and will get your listing pulled, even if you list the watch as a “replica.”

Carol asks…

What is a nicer watch, a rolex or a Breitling?

I really like breitlings, I can get a quality watch with the same exact movement as the rolex but for a lot cheaper. And also I can get a special addition watch for only 20K from Breitling but around 40K from Rolex.
And Breitling comes with all those little numbers that can tell fuel consumption, etc. that is so cool.

Dave answers:

Well i dont know what the other one is but a rolex is better because thats the only one i know about lOl

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Q&a – Used Rolex Submariner

Mary asks…

I’m looking to buy a nice but tough watch. It must be automatic and have a sapphire crystal. Any suggestions?

The sportiest watch I currently own is an Omega Speedmaster Professional, which I love, but on account of its acrylic crystal, scratches very easily. I am looking for a nice but also very tough watch. It must be automatic, have a sapphire crystal and be waterproof to at least 100m (preferably 300m). I would like to spend less than $3,000. A used watch is okay as long as it is great shape.

I have considered getting an Omega Planet Ocean, which retail for around 3200, but you can get them online for $2400. Does anyone have any suggestions for another nice watch that does what I need it to in this price range. I generally like simple designs that aren’t over-detailed. Please suggest something other than a rolex submariner. They are too commonplace now, everyone has a fake one. Besides they are too expensive now that they raised the price on them.

Dave answers:

Check this out:
If that is not what you are looking for… Check out the rest of the site

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