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Being a watch enthusiast

If you are a watch enthusiast but have little or no understanding
or appreciation for clocks, you will never acquire the deep and intuitive
appreciation for fine watches.

You can spend months on watch forums, learn brand names
and specifications by heart… you will just be wasting your time.
What you need is solid knowledge of the basic historical connections
that exist between functionality, performance, aesthetics, design and value.
Learning about watches and not having at least some knowledge of clocks is painful.
An appropriate analogy to this scenario is to
consider a Medical student with no prior knowledge of human anatomy,
or a student studying Law who cannot read and write.
I know many of you have asked themselves this question at least once:
Why some collectors can intuitively spot a bargain and snatch that unusual
watch from a not-so-famous maker? More often than not, this has nothing
to do with having abundant disposable income or plain luck – this has to
do with appreciation skills of the collector: ability to ‘have an eye’ for finishes,
quality of workmanship, classical proportions and so on.
Those attributes can only be acquired by studying the history and development of clocks.

Getting ‘into clocks’ is not that difficult!
The best way to learn and enjoy clocks (without buying them) is to subscribe to a good
clock magazine – and the one I would personally recommend is actually called CLOCKS Magazine by a UK publisher (

My collection of CLOCKS dates back to the late 1970s I would
never part with a single issue.