New Rolex GMT-Master II

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The new Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II is a world first. Revealed at Baselworld 2014, it is equipped with a two-tone Cerachrom bezel insert in red and …

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Rolex Datejust Special Edition

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The Rolex Datejust Special Edition is a sensual, dazzling Oyster Perpetual model. Sparkling with gold and diamonds, this elegant lady’s watch also exhibits t…
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Please, No More Romance Novels: Getting the Right Books to Our Troops

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Please, No More Romance Novels: Getting the Right Books to Our Troops

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) August 29, 2005

In the military, there’s a lot of “hurry up and wait.” The very term, like SNAFU and FUBAR, was coined by members of the military.

During the “wait” there are various things enterprising young troopers can do. They can recheck their gear. They can read their manuals to ensure they know how to do it “by the book” (if for no other reason than to be knowledgeable about breaking the rules). These days there are Gameboys and iPods as well. But most troops, be they sailors or soldiers or Marines or airmen, end up reading at some point. Often this is out of sheer despair when they’ve run out of AA batteries, but read they do.

The question then becomes, “where do we get them book thingies?” In any position that has been occupied for more than a few days you will find a few items. Hot sauce, Chinese mustard, ketchup and…books. They seem to appear from out of nowhere but, in fact, many of them have been donated by people throughout our nation who care about those soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen who have to…hurry up and wait.

Jim Baen, owner and managing editor of Baen Books was once one of those young troopers. And many of his readers, with whom he keeps in touch through the Internet, are currently serving troops. So when one of them contacted him and asked “Sir, could you send us some more, please?” he responded by donating over three quarters of a million dollars worth of books to various services, including multiple e-book CDs for use on submarines. The latest shipment is going to a group of “Naval Special Operations Personnel” who are so far forward the term “exchange” is only used for gunfire. But even they have “hurry up and wait.”

Troopers have certain “tastes,” though. One group that regularly donated paperbacks had a brief but stinging exchange on the subject of the troops getting quite a few romance novels. Too many. “Please, sir, no more romance novels!” Young troopers have many sterling qualities, but an interest in literature or the “romance” of romance novels is rare indeed.

John Ringo’s new novel, Ghost, (Baen Oct 2005) seeks to address this need. An action packed and highly sexual techno-thriller based in and around the current war on terrorism, Ghost is a book for people who eat red meat in big quantities and use the word “target” as a verb.

Which is why it’s now first on the list for donations to the troops.

For a review copy of the book or to set up an interview with John Ringo for a story, please contact Jay Wilke at 727-443-7115, ext. 223.

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How to fit a new balance staff to a vintage Rolex watch. Watch repair tutorials.

June 23rd, 2014 17 comments

In this video I have a vintage Rolex watch with a broken balance staff. I will strip and clean the watch and will replace the broken part. Discuss watch repa…
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What is teh rotating bezel on my watch for?

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Question by inspecther_dave: What is teh rotating bezel on my watch for?
On my watch the outside bezel rotates and i have heard that it is used as a tachymeter. I dont know if this is true and if it is how do i use it? I looked it up online and i did not understand how my watch could be used to do these calculations… any help would be greatly appreciated… thanks..
p.s. hers a picture of teh watch so you can see what the bezel looks like to see if it is possible with the watch… thanks again!

Best answer:

Answer by Garrett B
I have two watches with such revolving bezels: Rolex “Datejust Turn-O-Graph” and Helbros. This is for timing a 60 minute air supply when one is skindiving. A chronograph may have a tachymeter (or tachometer)that measures average speed over a measured didtance, e.g. mile markers on interstate highwys. That has a 60 above the 12:00 mark. Your watch is not a chronograph with stopwatch, so it cannot use a tachymeter.

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Geezers, Spivs, Publicans – Rolex DateJust II Wearers – ArchieLuxury Explains

May 30th, 2014 15 comments

Geezers, Spivs, Publicans – Rolex DateJust II Wearers – ArchieLuxury Explains.
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Do real Rolexs have diamonds in them?

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Question by Dusty S: Do real Rolexs have diamonds in them?

If so, whats the biggest amount of diamonds they would put on one?

Best answer:

Answer by Garrett
Some Rolex watches for both ladies and men have diamonds in varying amounts. In current watch magazines and almanacs, I see three sizes of “Oyster Perpetual Datejust” sports watches with diamonds. Smallest is a 29 mm. wide “O.P. Datejust Pearlmaster”with 12 diamonds on the bezel that costs $ 26,600 with 18 kt. rose gold case and bracelet. Next is a 31 mm. wide version that costs $ 10,575 in steel and gold with 12 larger diamonds alternating with 12 more smaller ones on the bezel and one with 46 such diamonds in a continuous ring around the dial on the bezel for $ 12,925. Largest is a 36 mm. version in steel with 52 diamonds in a continuous ring on the bezel for $ 11,975. In the past, some Rolexes only had diamond hour markers that raised the price of the watch by $ 2000 in maybe 2000. In the 1990s, I saw some $ 120,000 models with lots of diamonds. More recently, I saw a 40 mm. wide 18 kt. white gold Rolex “O.P. GMT Master II” for men that cost $ 101,850 in 2008. Its bezel has a continuous ring of 36 diamonds alternating with 12 black sapphires, and there are 76 more smaller diamonds on the case. The white gold bracelet’s center links are pave with very small diamonds. The carats of diamonds wasn’t given on the specifications. Other brands put more diamonds on watches than Rolex does. Also in 2008, Piaget made a “Emperador Limelight” with the dial, case and bracelet covered with diamonds that cost $ 2.5 million then. Again, the carats of diamonds wasn’t given. In the late 1990s, though, Piaget offered a men’s “Galaxy” with 42 carats of diamonds on it for $ 775,000 and an “Aura” with 55 ct. for $ 940,000. The most valuable wristwatch is the Vacheron Constantin “Kallista” that was completed in 1981 after 6000 hours of work. It’s dial, case and bracelet are totally covered with large baguette diamonds that are matched perfectly for color. I’ve heard different versions of how many carats it has on it. One source says 108 diamonds weighing one to four carats apiece. The watch was valued at $ 9,000,000 in 2000, and rumored to be increasing in value by $ 4000 a day. Do the math! If a Piaget with 42 karats of diamonds cost $ 775,000, a Rolex that cost $ 120,000 at the time might have about 7 carats of diamonds of similar size and quality. Diamonds can vary a great deal in price depending upon their size, color and quality, and specifics of the carats of diamonds on watches usually aren’t given, so we can only estimate the weight of them on a Rolex and most other watch brands.

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Cool New Rolex images

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Check out these new rolex images:

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Tell me a funny joke…please?

May 12th, 2014 5 comments

Question by didi: Tell me a funny joke…please?

Best answer:

Answer by troubledyouthafg
2 pretzels were walking down the street…
1 was assaulted!

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Q&A: what is the cheaperst model of the rolex watch that money can buy?

April 12th, 2014 12 comments

Question by jde2399: what is the cheaperst model of the rolex watch that money can buy?

Best answer:

Answer by sullivanwarehouse
search google

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