Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer Rolex Watches Offered by Heritage Auctions, August 1

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Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer Rolex Watches Offered by Heritage Auctions, August 1

The engraving on the back of the Rolex watch given to Jack Nicklaus after his victory at the 1980 U.S. Open.

Rosemont, Illinois (PRWEB) July 24, 2013

Gold Rolex wristwatches that belonged to renowned golf legends Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus will be offered by Heritage Auctions (http://www.HA.com) in conjunction with the National Sports Collectors Convention in the Chicago area on August 1, 2013.

“Both are Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date, 18 karat gold watches with matching concealed clasp President bracelet, Champagne stick dial and Roman numeral tracks for the hours,” said Chris Ivy, Director of Heritage Sports Collectibles.

“Palmer’s watch is circa 1971 and has his initials, ADP, on the back. Nicklaus’ watch is circa 1976 and the back of the watch is engraved, ‘1980 U.S. Open Champion.’ It was given to him after his amazing fifth and final U.S. Open victory in 1980 after he broke his own record at the famed Baltusrol Golf Club in New Jersey.”

Both watches are consigned by Orange County California real estate developer, former sports agent and avid golfer Dwight Manley. He acquired them at a 1995 fund-raising charity auction conducted in association with the U.S. Golf Association, and both watches are accompanied by certificates of authenticity issued at the time by U.S.G.A. and Golf Magazine.

“The Nicklaus watch is a wearable trophy of the world’s greatest golfer,” said Manley.

The Palmer watch has a pre-sale estimate of $ 15,000 or more, and the Nicklaus Rolex is estimated at $ 20,000 or more, according to Ivy.

The watches are among the highlights of a two-day auction of historic sports items by Heritage conducted August 1 and 2 in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, Illinois as part of the 34th annual National Sports Collectors Convention.

Additional information about the auction is available online at http://www.HA.com.


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Time and Gems Unveils Men’s Rolex Two-Tone Blue Diamond Dial Fluted Bezel Jubilee Band Datejust as ?Deal of the Day?

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Time and Gems Unveils Men’s Rolex Two-Tone Blue Diamond Dial Fluted Bezel Jubilee Band Datejust as “Deal of the Day”

Ladies Rolex Datjust by Time and Gems, the leading online retailer of luxury watches

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) October 02, 2013

Time and Gems, the top online luxury watch retailer, gives buyers tips on how to save money when shopping for a Rolex watch.

For over thirty years, Time and Gems have been in the industry of supplying luxury timepieces to the public, and Rolex watches are undoubtedly the most popular product that they offer. However, it is no secret that Rolex watches are expensive and sadly, not many people are able to afford the watch of their dreams.

In light of this, the timepiece experts at Time and Gems have come up with several steps that buyers can follow to ensure that they do not overspend when they finally decide to buy a Rolex watch.

1.    Look Out for Promotions

Promotions, sales and wholesale events make for great opportunities to buy a Rolex watch. A great example of a money saving promotion hosted by Time and Gems is the “Deal of the Day”. This deal gives buyers the chance to buy a Rolex watch for a very reasonable price. Everyday, Time and Gems chooses a different Rolex watch and significantly reduces its price to be put on sale as the “Deal of the Day”. Buyers then have 24 hours to decide if they want to buy that particular Rolex watch. If the “Deal of the Day” is not to their tastes, the buyer can then wait for the next day’s deal and so on.

2.    Buy Pre-Used Rolex Watches

Another great way to save money when buying a Rolex watch is to buy one that is pre-used. Many people tend to shrug off the fact that pre-used Rolex watches are any good and choose to spend thousands more on something that is brand new. On the contrary, pre-used Rolex watches are just as good as their brand new counterparts. The reason why Time and Gems is able to price these pre-owned Rolex watches so competitively is because the moment a brand new Rolex watch is bought, its retail value depreciates significantly. Hence the reason why pre-used Rolex watches are so much cheaper than brand new ones. This simply has to do with the nature of Rolex watches’ depreciation cycle as opposed to the assumption that it is of inferior quality. Time and Gems ensures that all pre-used watches sold through them are authenticated and restored. Buyers will have no problems whatsoever should they buy a pre-used Rolex watch through Time and Gems.

3.    Ensure There is a Warranty

Like with buying anything of value, it is always advisable that the buyer ensure the pre-used Rolex watch they buy comes with a good warranty. This is to ensure that should anything happen to the watch, such as irregular wear and tear, the buyer is able to save money on the servicing fee as the warranty will cover its cost. Additionally, should the Rolex watch stop working for any reason, Time and Gems will happily return, exchange or fix the watch at no extra cost, meaning that the buyer is able to saves hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on getting the faulty watch taken care of.

Time and Gems is pleased to offer today’s “Deal of the Day” as the Men’s Rolex Two-Tone Blue Diamond Dial Fluted Bezel Jubilee Band Datejust (Item # 103)

Price: $ 4,145

Deal Of the Day: $ 3,938

(Bank Wire Price: $ 3,544)

This leaves the buyer a total savings of $ 601

For more information on Time and Gems’ “Deal of the Day”, along with the other pre-used Rolex watches for sale, contact them at 1-888-658-5595 or check out their website.

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Time and Gems Announces Overstock Inventory Clearance With Up to 50% Off

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Time and Gems Announces Overstock Inventory Clearance With Up to 50% Off

timeandgems.com: Save up to 50% off on customized Rolex watches

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) April 26, 2014

Time and Gems, one of the most well-known online retailers of luxury watches, has announced the start of its annual overstock inventory clearance event.

The purpose of this overstock inventory clearance event is as its name suggests, the chance for Time and Gems (http://www.timeandgems.com) to offer up older inventory at an affordable rate to make room for more Rolex watches. This annual sale is aimed at buyers who wish to purchase an authentic used Rolex watch at the fraction of what it would cost them on a regular day. Online shoppers are urged to take advantage of the rare opportunity to own a Rolex watch at wholesale rates. Here are some of the top picks during the ongoing overstock inventory clearance sale.

Rolex Datejust

Renowned as one of the most popular Rolex collections to ever hit the market, watches within the Rolex Datejust range are certainly one of a kind. For one, the Rolex Datejust is a certified, self-winding chronometer wristwatch. Initially introduced to men in 1945 with a 36mm bezel size, the Rolex Datejust collection was extended to ladies years later. What made this collection so special back in the day was the fact that it was the first wristwatch of its kind to boast a date function. This collection’s colorful history was made even more enticing when it was given to U.S. Air Force pilots in 1955 as a thank you upon returning from combat missions. Its special feature was a rotating bezel marked with 60 minutes to measure precise time intervals.

Rolex President/Day-Date

There is much mystery surrounding the relevance of calling certain Rolex watches the Rolex President. As far as many are concerned, Rolex never officially named one of its timepiece models the Rolex President. The termed was coined years ago to refer to the custom made gold Rolex Day-Date watch that President Eisenhower was gifted with. Other leaders at the highest echelons of power also owned and were photographed donning their gold Rolex Day-Date timepieces. However, although the term is no longer officially recognized, it is widely accepted that Rolex President watches are special Rolex Day-Date models that boast a gold exterior. Known worldwide as a symbol of prestige and power, the Rolex President is till today, still classed as one of the most popular models ever marketed to the public.

DLC/PVD Watches

Modern interpretations of the classic Rolex watch are also on sale during the overstock inventory clearance event. One of the most sought after watches up for grabs is the Black Rolex, a customized Rolex timepiece created through a process known as Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). This process leads to a thin coating that is tightly bonded to the stainless steel surface of the authentic pre-used Rolex watch, giving it its famous black sheen. Not only does the PVD coating give the Rolex watch a certain finesse, it makes the watch more scratch resistant than its stainless steel counterparts.

One of the Rolex Datejust watches currently on sale is the Men’s Rolex Two-Tone Mother Of Pearl Diamond Dial Beadset Bezel Datejust.

Price: $ 6,494

Sale Price: $ 4,870

Bank Wire Price: $ 4,383

This leaves the buyer a total savings of $ 2,111

To find out more about this watch and other pre-used Rolex watches on sale, contact Time and Gems by calling 1-888-658-5595 or checking out http://www.timeandgems.com. Other popular Rolex watches on sale are the Rolex Submariner and Rolex Milgauss.

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Gray Element LLC.

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Mens Rolex White Gold Pave Dial Daytona is Now on Sale at Time and Gems, The World Largest Retailer of Luxury Watches

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Mens Rolex White Gold Pave Dial Daytona is Now on Sale at Time and Gems, The World Largest Retailer of Luxury Watches

Mens Rolex White Gold Pave Dial Daytona at Time and Gems

Los Angels, California (PRWEB) April 25, 2013

Rolex watches are one of the rare luxury brands that were made to last for an elongated amount of time. These luxury timepieces can last for years without the hassle of needing repairs or service. These watches are practically resistant to even the worst economic situations; because of this, many investors purchase and view them as worthwhile, practical and effective investments. They tend to retain their value and in some cases, Rolex watches can even be profitable. However, buying a new Rolex watch can be extremely costly and set the buyer back thousands of dollars, lucky for buyers though, these days online retailers of used luxury watches make it easier for luxury watch lovers to be able to afford these classy timepieces.

The fact that this luxury brand holds its value, is built to perfection and lasts for decades, and in some cases they even can be passed to the next generations, all makes it possible for the pre-owned ones to retain their value. Some global investors use this opportunity to make profit on pre-owned Rolex watches.

Time and Gems made this sweet opportunity even sweeter for all investors by first collecting and offering various models of Rolex watches such as Rolex submariner, Rolex Daytona and Rolex Datejust and secondly by reducing the already discounted price on used rolex watches. They offer seasonal and Daily deals on all models of Rolex watches. The world’s largest collection of luxury watches, Time and Gems is one of the very few online retailers that offer returns on luxury watches. One of the seasonal sales that they offer is their Annual Spring Flash Sale on Rolex watches. In some cases the consumer can save up to $ 3000.00 on used luxury watches. One of the watches that is on sale for limited time is a very famous Men’s Rolex White Gold Pave Dial Daytona (# 5131) which was originally listed for $ 27,242 they offer it for $ 25,500 during spring sale and to make the deal sweeter they offer a bank wire discount at the price of $ 22,950, which leaves the buyers with the total savings of $ 4,292.

Here are some of the other Rolex watches for men and women that are on sale during Time and Gems’s annual spring sale:

Ladies’ Rolex Two-Tone Blue Stick Dial Fluted Bezel Datejust

Item # 11012

Price: $ 5,644

Today Only: $ 5,000

(Bank Wire Price : $ 4,500)

Savings: $ 1,144

Men’s Rolex Black DLC/PVD Coated Stainless Steel Black String Diamond Dial Black Diamond Channel Set Bezel Datejust

Item # 5257

Price: $ 6,484

Today Only: $ 6,000

(Bank Wire Price : $ 5,400)

Savings: $ 1,084

Men’s Rolex Two-Tone Champagne Diamond Dial Channel Set Bezel Oyster Band Datejust

Item # 1689

Price: $ 5,539

Today Only: $ 5,000

(Bank Wire Price : $ 4,500)

Savings: $ 1,039

To see the product description on each Rolex watch and any other luxury watch the buyers can visit Time and Gems’ user friendly website. Time and Gems also offers a 2 year warranty plus authentication certificate with each purchase. In addition to that they offer a 3-day return and 10-day exchange policy, so if the buyer changes their mind they can be sure that they are taken care of.

To learn more about these luxury timepieces visit Timeandgems.com or call their luxury watch experts at 1-888-658-5595.

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona 116520

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Rolex, Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona, Model 116520 ♢ Product Code: W148116520HG ♢ Series: Z Series (2006-07) ♢ Watch Material: Stainless Steel ♢ Case: …
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New Rolex GMT-Master II

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The new Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II is a world first. Revealed at Baselworld 2014, it is equipped with a two-tone Cerachrom bezel insert in red and …

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Rolex Datejust Special Edition

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The Rolex Datejust Special Edition is a sensual, dazzling Oyster Perpetual model. Sparkling with gold and diamonds, this elegant lady’s watch also exhibits t…
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How to fit a new balance staff to a vintage Rolex watch. Watch repair tutorials.

June 23rd, 2014 17 comments

In this video I have a vintage Rolex watch with a broken balance staff. I will strip and clean the watch and will replace the broken part. Discuss watch repa…
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What is teh rotating bezel on my watch for?

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Question by inspecther_dave: What is teh rotating bezel on my watch for?
On my watch the outside bezel rotates and i have heard that it is used as a tachymeter. I dont know if this is true and if it is how do i use it? I looked it up online and i did not understand how my watch could be used to do these calculations… any help would be greatly appreciated… thanks..
p.s. hers a picture of teh watch so you can see what the bezel looks like to see if it is possible with the watch… thanks again!


Best answer:

Answer by Garrett B
I have two watches with such revolving bezels: Rolex “Datejust Turn-O-Graph” and Helbros. This is for timing a 60 minute air supply when one is skindiving. A chronograph may have a tachymeter (or tachometer)that measures average speed over a measured didtance, e.g. mile markers on interstate highwys. That has a 60 above the 12:00 mark. Your watch is not a chronograph with stopwatch, so it cannot use a tachymeter.

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Geezers, Spivs, Publicans – Rolex DateJust II Wearers – ArchieLuxury Explains

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Geezers, Spivs, Publicans – Rolex DateJust II Wearers – ArchieLuxury Explains.
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